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Business law

We help you in the pursuit of your business endeavours.
Commercial law, outsourcing and technology, privacy and access to information, licensing, assignment and commercialisation of research, trade secret agreements, vendor contracts, employment contracts, partnership and collaboration, distribution agreements, product manufacturing, services and supply agreements.

Information technology

A modern reality which is booming : don’t neglect this aspect of your business that can be of great value when properly managed and make sure to make profit out of your technologies and know-how.

  • Data protection
  • Protection of your Intellectual Property including your know-how
  • License drafting, review and negociation
  • Terms of use and confidentiality terms drafting for websites

Intellectual property

At the core of your innovation resides your most valuable asset : intellectual property. We make sure that your IP be well protected all along its development when your are partnering or collaborating with another company or research entity, as well as at maturity in particular in the contracting process. The use of consultants should be controlled by appropriate contracts in order for you to keep the ownership of IP developed by third parties

Health law and pharma/biotech law

Whether you are a public or a private entity, a research company, a professional body, a representative association, a research organization, a health professional, we can help you. We have in house experience in working at hospitals and pharma.

  • Compliance
  • Administrative law
  • Bioethics and human rights
  • Control of medical activities, governance
  • Professional law
  • Contracts and regulations
  • Health and social services (Loi sur les services de santé et services sociaux)
  • Health and Insurance Act

We strongly believe in research, and we have developed an expertise overtime in pharma and biotech, in scientific research management and technology transfer and commercialization of results.

  • Drafting and review of policies and procedures
  • Clinical research, Food and drugs regulation


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